Robert Paluszak
Village of Mallory Square
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Welcome to the Growth Stock Pickers Club!

The Growth Stock Pickers Club was created in 2008 to share member research using the CANSLIM Investment Research Tool.  Our goals are to work together as teams to:
  • create and monitor an index of selected stocks;
  • foster sound investment strategies; and
  • provide a forum for new and experienced stock pickers interested in this style of investing.

Growth Stock Pickers is all about sharing information and research; NO funds will be pooled for the purchase of stocks.

Membership Requirements
Membership is restricted to residents of The Villages (FL) who are:
  • interested in buying and selling stocks in their personal brokerage accounts;
  • able to access the internet (with a high-speed connection) from a home computer;
  • interested in learning or sharing knowledge about CANSLIM:  the Investors Business Daily (IBD) weekly newspaper's checklist for stock selection;
  • willing to purchase a paper or digital subscription to the IBD newspaper;
  • able to spend a few hours a week doing research on markets, industries and stocks;
  • willing to share research findings with other members; and
  • prepared to contribute to the club.

There are a number of reasons that Rob Paluszak uses CANSLIM and has created a club designed specifically to use that investment strategy, including:
  1. A number of reputable resources have confirmed its results (e.g., AAII).
  2. It's a thorough but still not overly complicated investment strategy.
  3. A number of readily available resources exist to help people learn this strategy, including IBD's website, books and workshops.
  4. It has solid buy and sell rules where some strategies only offer buy rules.
  5. It combines both technical and fundamental analysis.
  6. It does not require sitting in front of a trading screen all day.
  7. Base patterns are looked at using a weekly instead of a daily price graph.

Meetings and Activities
The club meets every Wednesday at 9:00 a.m. in the Tea Room at the Colony Cottage Regional Recreation Center.  The weekly meetings consist of a review of the market, industries and stocks of interest. 
Growth Stock Pickers Club 2008-2017
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Unusual as it may be to highlight what a club is NOT about, in this case it is important that prospective members know that the Growth Stock Pickers Club is not designed to be a total solution for those investing in stocks. 

The club will NOT be researching or discussing the following topics:
  • Day trading or momentum investing
  • Purely technical analysis and trading of stocks
  • Purely fundamental analysis and trading of stocks
  • Becoming an investment club with the pooling of funds
  • Mutual fund or ETF analysis
  • Analysis of commodities
  • Options trading
  • Helping members with their financial planning needs
  • Value or Income investing

Join us...
Wednesdays at 9 a.m. in the Tea Room at Colony Cottage Regional Recreation Center

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Growth Stock Pickers Club